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In a number of tweets giving a quick peek into her life and journey so far, AJ opens up in an up-close and personal manner. Here’s what she had to say:

“At 16/17, I started working with [and] at 18, I was a loud music and [entertainment] pundit everywhere yet [I] was broke. [I] then went to The University of Ghana at 18 / 19 [years old]. I was working part  time at Y1079FM while in school and also at GHone tv. At 20, I begun consulting to earn money, and earn I did, while in Uni.”

“At 21, I [celebrated] my birthday in 3 different cities (London, Lagos, Accra), with 3 different parties (club, Beach & dinner) after I earned a  big contract [because] I had more money than sense. At 22, I quit working to focus on finishing my bachelors and then began National service.”

“At 23, I was working as a TV producer and panelists at GHone for over 4 diff productions and was BROKER than I could ever imagine!  At 24, I combined my Masters and full time work as TV presenter [as well as] producing content and was more stressed than ever!  Yet still Broke.”

AJ Sarpong life story

“At 25, I graduated with an MA in Journalism and went back to radio, Joined the Citi family and Joined the #CitiCBS team.  Then it felt like I was finally coming into my own.  At 26, I became the host of #BrunchintheCiti and started to feel less anxious and [began] to prioritize me.”

“At 28, I finally[began] to appreciate my journey and my blessings and get more in tune with my spirituality and my purpose (not been broke since age 25! Hallelujaha) Now 29, I’m a few months [away] from 30 and I am finally excited to start living my best life, So Help me God!”






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