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Godwin Agyapong is the founder of LocQar, a smart and efficient locker making package delivery and pickup easy. The 32-year-old Ghanaian entrepreneur birthed the business idea in 2019 and became fully operational in 2021.

Agyapong opened up about his journey to building one of Ghana’s most efficient package delivery and pickup systems.

When Godwin Agyapong decided to venture into the technology industry, he was unemployed with little to no idea of how he would finance his business idea into reality. But that didn’t deter him from pursuing his goal to start a high-quality delivery and pickup system, which became known as LocQar.

At the time, it was just an idea inspired by the Amazon Locker and shot into reality following a tragedy that nearly claimed his life.

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Agyapong had returned to Ghana from the US with a degree from the California State University, where he studied Communication and minored in International Business.

Before moving to the US to study, he had received his basic, junior, and senior high school education right here in his native country Ghana. He had his early education at St Peter’s before heading to St John’s Preparatory in Osu for junior high school (JHS). He subsequently completed Accra Academy, where he studied General Arts, he said.

While in junior and senior high school, Agyapong got involved in other school activities such as football and music.

He discovered he could rap at St Peter’s. After graduating from the university, Agyapong became an integral worker at Swissport Inc at San Francisco International Airport Califonia and subsequently worked in the construction industry.

Returning to Ghana

With the experience and a degree, he returned to Ghana in 2020 to start from scratch. He had no job but only ideas and qualifications, including a certificate in project management. The desperate times birthed LocQar, a smart and efficient system that temporarily holds packages for a certain amount of time.

Whether the item is bought online, in shops, sent from a friend or client, the recipient of the package receives a pin code to pick the item whenever they are ready. The innovation saves time, saves business delivery cost, is time-efficient, and solves Ghana’s addressing system, said Agyapong.

Aside from the Amazon Locker, the founder and CEO of one of Ghana’s innovative delivery and pickup systems noted that he is motivated by a quest to always look for ways to improve systems to make them efficient. “I made a career out of it.”

”But the motivation for this innovation came as a result of my coming to Ghana, a friend giving me an item to give to a family member in the US and unfortunately for me, I had to wait for hours even though the person told me that they were close by,” he recalled.

The idea was to provide a solution to delays in transporting items with the help of a system that is time-efficient and convenient. Agyapong and his team investigated what was already out there, and they came out with the Smart Locker System, he said.

Funding the business

Agyapong noted that he worked as an Uber driver to save up towards financing the idea into reality. ”When Covid struck in 2020, it gave me time to rediscover myself and decide in what I wanted to invest my time and resources,” he said. The business became fully operational in 2021 working with a team of like-minded professionals.

After nearly a year, the business caught the attention of Ghana’s Information Minister, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah. Agyapong’s brand received a boost on the social media accounts of the minister and the official pages of the Ministry of Information.

The brand benefited from the significant exposure, attracting investors who expressed interest in working with his company.

Nonetheless, he is focused and resolved to expand the business while introducing new aspects of the brand.




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