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Accra, Ghana

Mojib Olasupo Baruwa

From Nigeria To The Central Bank of Canada In 1 Year – The story of Mojib Olasupo Baruwa

Moving from one country or another is a difficult one unless for a very very good reason. For most people, it’s kind of a whole

Jessica Alupo

From Canteen Attendant To Vice President of Uganda, the story of Rtd. Mjr. Jessica Alupo

Women in politics, unlike a few decades ago, has become a noticeable occurrence in African politics. Though strides have been made towards female representation in

Dr Daniel Mckorley writes

I wasn’t born in a rich family or raised with a silver spoon in my mouth – Dr Daniel Mckorley writes

Today, we take inspiration from Dr Daniel Mckorley, the Ghanaian business magnate, founder, and chief executive officer of McDan Group of Companies. From what he

jibs Abitoye

Inspirational: Let Me Tell You My “COULDN’T” Story – Ajibola “Jibs” Abitoye

Once every few times, even the best of us need a reminder that nothing is beyond our reach. That reminder could be in the form

Salma Ayisha Yakubu

From surviving homicide to a graduate. Salma Ayisha Yakubu tells us it is possible

This is Salma Ayisha Yakubu.  I call her my niece,  my daughter.  Her mother and I have known each other since primary school days.  We

Varaido Kativhu

Bachelor’s from Oxford, Master’s From Harvard at 23: Meet Varaido Kativhu

After getting her Bachelor’s degree in Classical Archaeology and Ancient History from Oxford University in 2020, Varaido got admitted into the Master of International Education

Deladem Dzotsi called to British Bar 2

Deladem Dzotsi, the Ghanaian 24 year old who has been called to the British Bar on Her birthday

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Mukovhe Magagula

Meet Monroe Mukovhe Magagula, an SHS dropout now Entrepreneur in tilling

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Sabrina Awuni UG Graduate

Sabrina Awuni a first class graduate of UG now a tech analyst at Bank of Africa

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