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Accra, Ghana

smart locker Locqar

From Unemployment to CEO: Meet the Ghanaian Behind the Smart Locker package delivery

Godwin Agyapong is the founder of LocQar, a smart and efficient locker making package delivery and pickup easy. The 32-year-old Ghanaian entrepreneur birthed the business

Danny Manu wireless earbuds

“I Was Denied Funding Due To My Race” – Danny Manu, Ghanaian Inventor Behind Translator Earbuds

In today’s world of globalization and information, communication has become an integral part of our day-to-day activities. As we move from place to place, we’re

Anthony Dzamefe donates borehole to kuroboi people

Anthony Dzamefe invested over GHC20K in the construction of borehole for the people of Kuroboi

CEO of globally recognized Caveman Watches, a wristwatch brand Anthony Dzamefe has recently invested over GHC20,000 in the construction of a borehole to enable the

From selling wristwatches on the street to producing them locally and exporting – The story of Anthony Dzamefe

Many are inspired by young men and women who rise against all odds and the ridicule of people to make a name for themselves, their

Myths about entrepreneurship

Is Entrepreneurship overrated? Here are some myths about entrepreneurship

Is entrepreneurship overrated? Indeed it is overrated by those who are unwilling to take risks, those who don’t believe in themselves, people who have unorganized