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CEO of globally recognized Caveman Watches, a wristwatch brand Anthony Dzamefe has recently invested over GHC20,000 in the construction of a borehole to enable the people of Kuroboi in the Upper West Region to have portable drinking water.

According to Anthony, this great initiative was inspired by a report in January 2020 about the Kuroboi community in the Upper West Region with a population of over a thousand people having only one functioning borehole.

It only borehole was constructed in 1964 and, during the dry season, barely provides the community with water.

“They often had to walk long distances into the neighboring communities to access water. One can imagine the stress the people of Kuroboi have to go through daily to get water to perform basic chores such as cooking and washing at home. I was touched by the reportage thus my support,” he said.

Mr. Dzamefe, rather than just sympathizing with the community, decided to help alleviate the water problem facing the people of Kuroboi.

In consultation with the chiefs and people, the Caveman Foundation’s Africa Water Project invested over ¢20,000 into constructing a fully functional borehole for the people of Kuroboi.

Speaking at the handling-over ceremony, he challenged all companies to help to ensure development in various communities.

Anthony Dzamefe donates borehole to kuroboi people

“If every company can help in providing certain basic essential amenities to the communities they operate in, Ghana as a nation will develop at a faster rate than we are doing currently,” he said.

Mr. Dzamefe also emphasized the importance of prioritizing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities to ensure that companies take from these communities and give back in positive ways.

The chiefs and people were very grateful and showed their joy by performing traditional dance rites.

Meanwhile, Mr Dzamefe was also enskinned by the chiefs and elders as a development chief with the skin name “Fente Dua”.

Anthony Dzamefe donates borehole to kuroboi people

He, in return, made it known that this water project was not a one-off thing but rather the beginning of many more social interventions from Caveman Watches.

Caveman is a globally endorsed watch manufacturing company in Ghana that has caught the attention of the New York Times and others.

They have chalked many successes over the years with their beautiful and innovative timepieces, such as the Blue Volta, which pays homage to the Volta Lake, and their flagship product, Caveman Turbo Premium.






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