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Allyson Michelle Felix OLY is an American track and field sprinter. From 2003 to 2013, Felix specialized in the 200 meter sprint and gradually shifted to the 400 meter sprint later in her career. Her racing repertoire also spans the 100 meters, 4×100 meter relay, and 4×400 meter relay.

As an athlete (a sprinter), she was quickly noticed by top apparel companies for brand endorsement, something that is common with athlete especially sprinters and footballers. Research even has it that, these sport men and women even make more money from these endorsement than their regular club or country pay.

Allyson Michelle rejects Nike offer

She accepted the offer as you would expect, however, fortunately and unfortunately she got pregnant along the way and stepped out of the track and all major games. Despite all these difficulties, Felix maintained her pregnancy and worse still had a c section giving birth to her baby girl.

Right after giving birth, as usual she would have to train to get her shape and energy back, and this is where Nike began to pull out of the contract with many allegations including the obvious ‘too out of shape’ issue.

As a strong woman as she is, she was determine to forge ahead and help them end the contract which was beginning to bring discomfort to her.

Allyson Michelle Rejects Nike Offer

10 months later she made the decision to challenge all odds and went back to training with hope that she could qualify for the upcoming championships. Nike officials and the world at large were stunned when Allyson Felix won all his races and even broke Usain Bolt’s record for world titles and now has over 14 gold medals at the Championships.

Nike tried calling her again but she refused the offer and launched her own shoe brand and now earns much more than any shoe brand in the world would pay her.

What a way to launch out on her own which actually paid off at the end of the end.

Well, the moral of this true story is obvious, sometimes difficult situation bring us to the point where we take risks and difficult decisions. Once we are convinced with our decision and relentless in the path, success is inevitable.





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